So fed up 😢😢

I have had lupus for several years , but diagnosed 2 years ago , I'm on 13 tablets a day due to having 2 heart attacks when I was 36 , have also had 3 back prolapsed discs and now been told I have degenerative disease of upper spine 😢 Every day my hands are so sore at the joints , awaiting to go on methotrexate injections as tablets didn't agree with me , I have continuous thrush also sorry for the big rant but so fed up at 46 feel I'm never getting a break 😢😢 hair has also fallen out very badly feeling so low 😢 Just wish one day I could wake up and have a good pain free day , read loads of posts on here and you all help me so much thanks I'm not alone see rheumatologist regularly but as I was going on holiday he put back my injections as I had to learn by nurse to do these myself been back 4 weeks and heard nothing in a way I'm glad fed up with medication so just on plaquenil does the injections really give relief ? 😘

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  • Hi sorry to hear you fed up I was on tablet methotrexate didnt suit me started injections but stopped yesterday as I was getting sores where I inject Dr's said to stop let sores heal &try another methotrexate slightly different from another manufacturers but if react stop .I know people get on really well with it it works for my mum so it's a try & error with the drugs .I hope you have a good hols .x

  • Hi Harrisgran. I'm so sorry that you are feeling so low and, whilst I can't give any input re the injections, I wanted to wish you well and hope that things will improve for you.

  • Well still awaiting to start injections but got a few cortisone injections between my fingers and what a relief it's been definitely recommended this 😊 Again I got a kenalog injection but it's appearing to do nothing to help me , does this help anyone else apparently everyone feels good when they get the boost to their immune system but not me xx 😘

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