Tingling hands and face why? Is this common?

I have tingling hands and part of my face is tingling (more recently). The dermatologist was not very responsive and thought oh yes, this is probably related to your osteoporosis, after I said could this be the cause. The whole appointment was hopeless as he had nothing to contribute again and left me feeling very unsupported and that he really knows nothing about lupis. The GP had a different view and said this could be caused by a side effect of the hydroxychloroquine? I need my dexterity for my work and it concerns me that the tingling may get worse and that it shouldn't be ignored. Could it be related to Raynaunds (secondary)? I have Subacute Cutaneous Lupis and I believe secondary Raynaunds and Sjoegrens, along with osteo and high blood pressure. Like whatis I sometime gets numbness in my arms usually in my sleep.

Is this a common symptom, the tingling, to worry or not to? Any feedback greatfully received. ML :)

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  • Thanks for the information, vitamin D is good, calcium not sure at the moment, will check out the Norman Centre. As I hide from the light it is always a concern about the impact on my bones are going to be, not a good prognosis in my family. Death by crumbling bones is not one that I like to think about as has happened to close family members.. ML

  • Will do. I have been focused on my lupis lately and how to get through the week working full time and maintaining some family life, just storing enough energy to do that a bit of housework and figure how to hide from the light and exercise to build bone density in addition to energy. Thyroids are good...the hospital is outside my NHS (Wales) area and they defiantly do not like referring outside my area. I working on a referral to rheumatology as dermatology is just looking at skin and not auto immune. ML

  • Hi. I live in Wales and attend Gobowen so it can be done. I'm under Betsi Cadwalader and they are a nightmare to be referred from.

  • If you take vit D supplements regularly it really doesn't matter that you are not out in the sun - many people who DO go out in the sun are deficient. You can only make vit D from the sun in the summer (May to September and in the middle of the day) anyway - supplements you can take all year! Just have the level tested every 6 months or so if you can - it will be at its lowest in April and highest in September in most people who depend on sun. (Or the other way round if you live in Oz, September to May for making vit D in skin)

  • Hello Maggie: my feeling is that you're on the right track: it's important to see rheumatology about these symptoms. And rheumatology should consider whether referral to, say, neurology, is appropriate. In my case daily hydroxy long term actually helps to minimise the tingling in my face & hands

    Yes, these sort of symptoms are familiar to some of us...I've been managing my version of this for decades. But I think that is no reason to ignore this or for your GP or dermy to make even informed "guesses" that your meds are responsible ...rather, the onset & severity need to be documented in your gp's system and discussed with an immune dysfunction expert at a lupus clinic. My feeling is that a rheumatology lupus clinic is best placed to investigate the source underlying this sort of thing promptly. So good luck: please let us know how you get on with this referral to rheumatology

    πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco

  • Thanks for the good advice will keep trying to get back into Rheumatology, the closest lupis specialist are in Bath 3/4 hours away and Gobowen is about 5 hours away...may need to head to london I never even heard of a immune dysfunction expert gosh there is a lot to learn will google that one coco. Time to make another appointment with my GP and chase.

  • Yes...when I first began to realise that Drs specialise within specialities I nearly fainted..eg, my rheumy & gyn & gastro & neuro & ENT consultants all have to have expertise in the implications of immune dysfunction...or they just don't quite 'get' me. But in your shoes, I'd at least give a local rheumy a shot at understanding your numbness....talk to your GP?

    Many of us on here have had to switch rheumy at least once in order to be treated by a rheumy who has the right expertise 😏

    πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco

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