Photosensitivity /sigh

It feels like I'm becoming more and more photosensitive each day. I can't even use my Ott-Lite anymore as it caused my facial rash to flare and become angry, tight, and itchy! Not to mention the headache that came with it. I took pictures of it and looking at them now, it appears that I was also developing a rash on my chest. It's certainly been interesting; I almost feel like things are getting progressively worse. Now, I'm about to attempt to take a shower, which is always a struggle; I don't even remember the last time I was able to take a shower standing up. It's been a real struggle lately, both with physical problems as well as emotional/stress related problems. I hope everyone else is doing well and had a wonderful weekend. Sending happy thoughts out to everybody tonight ♥♥♥♥♥


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Happy thoughts to you too! I'm just trying to persuade myself to get up and dressed. It's so hard when you ache so much though! x

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I know the feeling all too well - hope you were able to get up, if only just for a little bit! Hopefully things start looking up for us soon <3


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