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Pregnancy and getting pregnant

Just wondering what happens now with getting pregnant and what happens during pregnancy with lupus and mixed Connective tissue disease... Me and my boyfriend want to start trying in 4 years, but now finally been diagnosed I'm not sure if this is too long to wait now with the illness? Is there a less chance to catch, is it too much harm for me to be carrying a baby and is it espically harmful for a baby?

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Hi Leanne

My advice about getting pregnant and MCTD would be talk to your Rheumy about when would be the best time to try. Your treatment may or may not need to be changed as some drugs you can't take in pregnancy but they would be able to advise. You would also be closely monitored throughout and danger time for a flare is once the baby is born!. Hope that's helpful as I don't have personal experience of this. X

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Sara Gorman tells her story of having her two girls after a diagnosis of lupus in her blog Despite Lupus - it is all very well founded info you glean there as she has written a book about lupus and does a lot of speaking on the topic. Well worth using for bedtime reading - and cheaper than a book!


Hi Leanne21bull,

You can read all about lupus and pregnancy in our booklet here -

It should answer all of your questions, but if you have anything else you want to know, just ask and I'll do my best to help.

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