It is unbearably hot

Knew it would be hot but didnt expect this heat. I applied my 50spf avon , got my sunglass and a hat. People might think am so geared up all in the excitment of summer. Far from it..... even with d protective gear i still got red cheeks( am a light skined black african) and d rash in my arm was hot red to. Came home applied more sun cream a tried to pump my son's pool but was unsuccessful so will go to argos and get one. I feel like toast and i just order a neutrogena 100spf suncream. I went to church this morning and after the service my priest was about to say that the weather was wonderful but i said it is too hot. My friends could not stop laughing and they said am from nigeria and complainig that the weather is hot. It sounds wierd but that even with my ethnic orgin i still cant stand the heat. Irrespective of the hot weather i still have to wear gloves bcos of my raynauds. Wish you all well. God bless



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