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Rheumy Update

Hi all,

I went to see the rheumy on 14th July, well the clinical nurse specialist at guys hospital. I explained all my symptoms and I have been advised to up my dosage of hydroxy to 200mg twice a day. I have been experiencing severe anxiety and my overactive bladder has flared up. Thank god I have been referred to a urologist for this. I have been on hydroxy for over 4 years now and have just been advised to have a check up on my eyesight. Not to mention today I felt it was time to decrease my 5 days of work to 4, only to be told I should of first disclosed my illness upon applying. Well if I did im sure I wouldn't of got the job. Then she disclosed If I cant keep it up I might need to discuss if I should actually work there.

All in all I needed to just rant.



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Hi daniellelupus chick

Sorry to read your having problems with your health but glad you got good help from the Rheumy nurse and your being referred to Urology for your bladder. Just want to say that any problems you have with work please contact Citizens Advice who have employment specialists that will help. There website is very good too for info and links to other organisations so worth a look first.

Hope the added Hydroxy helps. X


Hi Daniellelupuschick,

I'm sorry to hear about the difficulty with your employers. If you would like more information about your rights in the workplace and support services that are available, please take a look at our employment guides at

If you require physical copies of these, please just send me a private message or email with your name and address and I'll pop them in the post.


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