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Yesterday was officially diagnosed with cutaneous lupus........

need to see eye specialist / doctor for test and all clear before meds... Dolquine??? Been told no more sun ever, to be careful with artificial light, high factor cream 365 days of the year even in UK, uv umbrella 😞

Even though I have all symptoms (plus severe fluctuations in blood pressure ) and 8 out of 11 criteria for systemic lupus, because it's not showing in blood .... Yet... She will not treat for now 😞 6 month blood checks. Some doctors do some don't .......

Second auto immune in 6 months 😞 (Hashimoto in January )

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Big hugs,thinking of you,take care X

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Hi MagsaTrini,

I imagine the treatment that you need an eye test before starting is Hydroxychloroquine. One of the potential side effects (though fortunately very rare) is for the eyes to be affected, so it is recommended to have an eye test before starting and then at least once a year whilst on it.

If you need more information about lupus, we have a free pack which you can request or download from our website at

We also have a booklet about skin involvement in lupus which may be of interest to you. You can view and download it at

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Thanks Paul :) yeah the dermatologist is treating skin with Heliocare Ultra D and once eye doc gives all clear Dolquine (which is Spanish make of Hydroxychloroquine , I think)

Seeing physician on 27th for all systemic symptoms


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