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The Death of our NHS

 The Death of our NHS

Trying to contact people who can help in the NHS as we dont have our illnesses that operate to suit the hours of 9 til 5 Mon to Fri as do most chronic illness diseases is getting more and more difficult .

These are symptoms of whats happening to our NHS and think unless something is done tute suite It will get steadily worse and hear today the junior docs have rejected the agreement for talks with two of three negotiators resigning .Many people in run of the mill jobs would be asking for the recompense the jnr doctors get for the hours worked.We must bear in mind the stress these young people are under and due to lack of sleep that they suffer but don't really think the problem will be solved by more money but rather more doctors and more nursing staff.

Whilst on my pedestal I am not in favour of more Specialist nurses helping consultants going by my experience trying to contact these nurses and get help I have been sadly disappointed as my first experience some years with my initial nurse was amazing Thanks Jo S

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