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Hello to you all:) I have question about eucalyptus. I heard that people with lupus should not use anything with eucalyptus. I bought today rub for joints and muscles. The gentelman who was selling me this said he have costumer who is using that for years and have lupus as well. But they are making this for her without eucalyptus. This product is very natural. company is called Elixirs of Life. Did any of you had any information about eucalyptus and Lupus? Thanku.

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Hi margaret3,

Please be cautious about using products described as 'natural' because 'natural' doesn't necessarily mean 'safe'.

Eucalyptus can potentially interact with a large number of treatments which are changed by the liver causing their effects and side effects can be increased. Many of the treatments are commonly taken by people with lupus

It is always best to check with your consultant before starting any alternative treatment. It is important to remember that lupus is a very varied condition and what may help one person, could potentially be harmful for another.

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Thanku very much for your reply I will speak to my doctor about this.


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