Going Private?

Morning all,

Having had my July appointment cancelled and no news of another, and feeling like a bag of the proverbial, does anyone know of a really good rheumy who sees private patients?

I can't wait any longer..I desperately need to get started on some sort of treatment. So tired its not true! Even fell asleep at the theatre last night during the Mousetrap! Then when I got up, or tried to, my feet has seized up and I couldn't walk. My poor mother, 83 years old, had to help me out of the place.

So....any recommendations please?

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  • Where do you live honey?

  • What a fool!! North West. Between Manchester and Liverpool but happy to travel!

  • Hi Saintsmad,

    I have heard that Dr Robert Thompson and Prof. Moots at the Aintree Hospital in Liverpool are very good, and they take private patients.

  • Thank you..will have a look

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