Morning Medications

Morning Medications

I know I'm not the only one of us with Lupus who takes a lot of medication, but, I almost despise morning for this reason. This does not include the other 5 pills I have to take through out the day. It does not include the creams and ointments for rash/blister flare ups. This medication is for Lupus, COPD, & Malignant Hypertension.

On the lighter side. It a good thing I have to go BarefootπŸ‘£ Because, after taking this much medication, I can't afford to buy shoes!

Y'all have a good day!




"The Barefoot Gardener"



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4 Replies

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  • Can you take them all in one go?

    I have to start with first 5 at 5.30 am then 3 at 6.30 am then 4 at 7.30 am so they don't interact and so the stiffness and unwanted side effects wear off in time for driving my disabled sons to school (timing and meds discussed and agreed with driving licence/standard agency) Then 3 at 10 am 3 at 2 pm 2 at 4pm 2 at 6 pm and then 4 at 10 pm plus of course the inhalers and creams etc.

    Gee writing that its surprises me they get blood out all on tests and its not just like a game of kerplunk!

    Talking of games that's the worst thing about morning as fingers so stiff picking up one tablet it catches another and wheeee off it goes so follows the game of tiddly winks ,twister and hide and seek all in one.

    Luckily for me ? I have a prescription exemption cert as no thyroid due to previous cancers so dont have to pay for the above as honestly don't think I could afford them all and a pay only for a couple of lucky dip on my meds would be a nightmare.

    Keep on smiling😊

  • πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£Effie;

    yes I take them all at the same time. I don't have to eat breakfast after taking all of these, because I am full.

    I have health insurance here in the U.S. But, I still have a co-pay. It is usuall not much per prescription. I spend around $200.00 U.S. Dollars a month on medication. The most I have to pay is $40.00 per prescription, there are a couple I don't have to pay anything for. It gets confusing at times. I try to space it out so I get a few prescriptions refilled each week.



    "The Barefoot Gardener"


  • Hi Tiras and littleeffie,

    I am beginning to find it more daunting all the different meds and also the vitamins I take. I recently put all the info into to look at the interactions and was quite shocked, I now have to think carefully about when and what I have to take and at what time. My mobile phone is full of alarms reminding me. I have even written on the blister packs the letter of the days of the week or I sometimes forget whether I have taken the tablets. I typed in Methotrexate which I will be going on at some stage over the next month to three months and so many of my drugs have major interactions so will need a sit down with the chemist before I see my GP after trip to specialist again after Saturday's visit he put me on oral steroids. But my existing pain killers are no help.

    What a life it's this drug then that drug, I have a prepaid prescription charge card otherwise I couldn't afford all the drugs. Thank you NHS.

    Tiras thats still a lot of money for your meds.

    Littleeffie I admire you with all you have going on that you still are able to take your disabled children to school and probably thinking on the drive home that you need to take the next lot of drugs but you do get use to it and it does become routine, my memory is just bad, I know I have to take them just need the reminders to do it.

    Have a good day both of you and hope the weather is not so hot today Tiras, those poor Tommies will all be ripe.

    Take care.

    Love Nicola.😎🐟xxxx

  • Hi ladies,

    I must admit I find myself grateful for having a thyroid disorder as you then get all prescriptions free.

    There is no way I would be able to afford to get all the tablets and creams that I need on a daily basis, as well as the other additions that sometimes pop up.

    Hope everyone is keeping well.


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