Jaw replacement

I've struggled on for the last few years, having initially declined a joint replacement, but my mouth function has gone downhill. I'm on a soft/purée diet and not sleeping due to the pain, both of which are making me very miserable.

I'm beginning to come to terms with the idea of the operation but haven't said yes because I am terrified. :( I'd really like to talk to someone who has been through it, preferably in the UK. There's such limited info on the Internet but for my own sanity, I need to know what to prepare for e.g. time off work and pain management post-op. Due to confidentiality, my surgeon can't put me in touch with any of his previous patients. I know it's not commonly done and it's not as straightforward as something like a hip or knee. One big worry is that he can't estimate how long the joint lasts for, so I could be looking at revisions every 10-15 years. I'm 28, so would be making a big commitment. Another worry is coming off RA meds prior to surgery but I'm seeing rheum this week and will ask her. I'm on MTX and humira and find that when I'm due my fortnightly humira, I REALLY need it. I'm scared of being off it for a period of time, even a short one. Max fax surgeon is amazing and he says the outcome is, statistically, likely to be good. I trust him but fear is holding me back.

I'd appreciate any advice from anyone who's been through it or even if you haven't.......hearing advice helps. I can't bring myself to consent to the surgery. I know I need to. Thanks in advance.

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  • I had jaw replacement surgery 10 years ago ... Don 't have time now to go into detail. Two things; I thought you had to be older to be considered and yes it took a year of my life, it is a process but one without regret!

  • Thanks for your reply. My age didn't seem to be a factor at all. I'm scared about time off work. Sick pay is limited and I need to be able to afford to live. Also, I love my job and would be sad to be away. Lots to think about before my appt on 4th July.

  • Am so glad you got Alison's reply. I hope it helps you with this decision

    Your Max fac consultant sounds a really good guy...mine impressed me as a good guy too...it's always dodgy to generalise, but I've often wondered whether special & even possibly rather more humane people are attracted to the study of max fac 😉

    For what it's worth: every op I've had has been worth it. Equally, every op I've had has resulted in some change to my bod function which has meant learning to adapt to new probs....but NONE of these new probs have been as bad as the original prob that the op treated.

    Please let us know how you get on

    🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • He's a great guy. I'm very lucky and I trust him. Thanks for your kind words, as always.

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