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Mrs. Barefoot Gardener

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This is my beautiful wife Laura. She is "The Mrs. Barefoot Gardener".

Yep, she is barefoot, and she goes barefoot a lot, but, she can wear shoes if she has to. She is not like me and has to go barefoot.


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Well helloooo to Laura.

Understanding loving couples can make such a difference in outlook.

Having lived with an all time lowlife then found a really loving hubby I can appreciate your sentiments.

Take care both .

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Tiras in reply to littleeffie

Littleeffie; I do have a wonderful wife, we have been married September will be 35 years. She does things for me because of medical issues no one else would even think about doing. I want the whole world to know I LOVE HER VERY MUCH! She may be the only reason I have not given up on life with all the issues I have.


"The Barefoot Gardener"

Hello Mrs. Barefoot Gardener, Laura, very nice to meet you!

Your wife is lovely from the outside but also from the inside as she supports you in barefootness (don't know if that is a word hahaha) and in all the other struggles life poses on you and your wife.

👋👋👋👋👋 hey there Laura

You 2 are a vvvvv special couple 🌟🌟🌟🌟

😘🍀 coco

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Tiras in reply to Barnclown


Thank you!

Aw Tiras, that is too sweet! What a lovely man you are to express that and she must be a very special lady too :)

P.S. I love her hair! :)

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Tiras in reply to friars126


That is her natural color. It runs in her family. It is not gray it is white! It is only the females in her family but, at around 20 to 25 the girls hair changes color. It take 5+ years then it is Snow White! Unfortunately a lot of the ladies don't like the color change and dye their hair. I like the natural hair color better than dyed.


"The Barefoot Gardener"

Awe hello both of you, the two happy gardeners.😋

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Tiras in reply to molly19


Thank You and hello to you also! Have a good and Blessed Day.

Our day is just starting here in the U.S.



"The Barefoot Gardener"


Well the white definitely suits her :-)

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