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REPLY to us all from our Footy...who is having tech trouble

My Ipad has gone daft. I have lost all my inbox of one mail address! But worse, whilst reading the kind responses 😘😘😘😘😘 to my posts on HU I am not able to reply! I am told to sign in but it doesnt recognise me.

Can you pass on my thanks to those who replied and explain my problem please? I would hate people to think I am ignorant.

Say true to twitchy and thank, cant remember, for SCLE ref. It was whilst looking this up Ipad went off! Tell her I do get skin involvement but at present masses of pustules (now thats attractive!) on face, only skin prob apart from usual itching. Sorry cant answer. It did this once before but just corrected itself miraculously. I hope it does the same now.

Thanks for your lovely replies. Loved Mr Google! Should call mine Mr Shrug. I am thinking of complaining to office manager that he can sit there and say he does not receive reports n letters. I will leave it implicit the question of why has he never gotten off his arse and demanded these things are put right. They have recently been inspected and received a good. I wonder if I can complain to them? Whoever them are.

Sooo weary. Keep just falling asleep as I type. Pity cant blame tsetse fly having been in South Africa, ha ha.

Thanks for your help Coco


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Thanks for letting us know via Barnclown. Footy. It was strange to me that you posted then disapeared. Hope you are up and playing footy here again soon despite cyber gremlins. Thanks Coco for being message bearer. X

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Thanks twitchy. Not like me to go silent ha ha. Back now

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Cheers Coco.

I had been reading her posts and replies and thought it was unusual for her to go a hiding.

Personally footygirl I think you got over excited at the euro matches 🗼and were replicating a penalty with your ipad so its gone off to sulk 😆

Only joking and hope you're back here soon xx


Going by tonights yawn of a game effie, I dont think it was excitement!

Hooray I am back. That was one complicated gremlin. Never mind.

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