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Pain but weird

Woke up ok this morning n two hours later I got this bad pain on my left hip. Everytime I move different it hurted so bad. Sharp pains just hits me. After a while it started moving to my back. The pain so bad. I started to get shakes n feel dizzy. Went to the clinic they really couldn't give me pain meds. But they tried to give me tramadol but at the pharmacy they couldn't fill it, cuz he said I got some on 16. I told him I get pains n on the bottle it says take as needed. It didn't help, so am still in pain. They gave me some medicine called methocarbam, to calm muscles. Ugh! Some days am ok n some days am not.

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I too am from the U.S. I'm from Alabama. I get the pains in my hips back etc. I also have a prescription for Tramasol, we with lupus have found that all joints hurt and and times the pain will not stop, it is all we can do to move.

I also take Methotrexate, Hydroxychloriquine, & Prednisone for lupus, plus 17 other medications a day for other medical issues.

My doctors recommend massage Thearpy, my massage technician works with a lot of lupus patients. Every month I get a full body massage and she moves joints in different directions, as she massages the joint areas, She does this for all joints. For me this has seemed to help, but as you know, lupus effects us all different but, yet the same. So with that being said a massages may not be your answers. You could give it a try and see.

I hope you get to feeling better soon!


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Hi I live in New York City. I've found a new type of yoga that is not too strenuous and has helped with a lot of body aches and pains--hip, back and others. It's called Kundalini yoga and there are different types but it works to calm me and really has helped me more than I can ever have imagined and the only pain med I take is tylenol. I'm on hydroxycholoroquinine and warfarin. I have APS (Hughes) and undifferentiated connective tissue disease. I hope you find what's best for you to help you.

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