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Frustrated and low

Just been to my GP, he isn't keen on referring me to dr Bridget Griffiths at Freeman hospital, as my doctors usually refer to Gateshead rheumatology. Plus he won't refer me unless it shows up in blood results, getting bloods Wednesday to look for arthritis. I'm screwed if they come back clear. I'm in so much pain and feel so ground down. Can't go on like this, I actually felt like a hypochondriac as I listed all that's wrong with me, and to top it off panic attacks came back last week ( haven't had one for many years ).

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Rach, this is not the news I'd hope to have from you..if I'm disappointed, how must you feel? Have you messaged paul Howard (our Lupus Uk forum monitor)? I think he'll be best placed to comment on your gp's attitude relative to your rights to referral as an NHS patient with immune dysfunction. Apologies, but I can't remember the detail of your backstory, but my understanding is that, regardless, you have a right to referral to your best regional rheumatology dept specialising in immune dysfunction. E,g. Recently our footygirl posted a question about this and got a great discussion going, which included great links to websites explaining patient rights. I'll search out that discussion & add the link as a PS

Hang in there rach

πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ coco

PS here is that link: the discussion includes a good link to citizens advice re referrals out of immediate catchment area, this link came from our Keyes who gives lots of EXCELLENT advice in there, inc re the importance of getting your GP to give you a written explanation of his grounds for refusing referral



Under Pinned posts there is a link to the NHS site with "Your rights as a Patient" - unfortunately there is this codicil: "provided that the doctor referring you agrees that your choice is clinically appropriate"

If you get nowhere with your current GP then see a different one. They are General Practitioners - and their job is to act as gatekeeper to the hospital. It should be YOUR choice WHICH hospital - and if there is something wrong that the GP can't identify from his GENERAL knowledge, you need a SPECIALIST. Gateshead may well be their USUAL hospital - but anyone would think it was a long way to the Freeman...

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Well I'm off to see my GP AGAIN in an hour to push for a referral. I'm now armed with the letter from hospital asking him to refer me. Wish me luck


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