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Anyone else ever had hypersensitivity? I developed it last friday and was sensitive to a lot of things. Annoyingly my own skin was one of the things I was sensitive too and would internally cringe when ever I touched it. Trying to type course was not a lot of fun. I have mainly claimed down now but when it gets warm I find it flares up. So yeah I was just wondering if anyone else has had it and if so how they have dealt with it?

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Hi, I have this at times - it usually comes when the rest of my symptoms are flaring up, although I haven't noticed that it is worse according to temperature. I hope it improves for you soon :)

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Mine also started because i was flaring. My body hasn't fully got over that yet which might explain why my symptoms come back.


I get more rashes when I'm out in the sun. My Doctors and I have discussed this. I know it is give and take. If I'm out in the sun I will get rashes due to being sensitive to the sun an UV light.

I have decided that I'm not going to stop living and doing nothing. I get out and I use 70+ sunscreen. And go on.

Hope you get better!



i get itchiness and skin rashes when out in the sun too. I wear 50+ at the minute as most days that works. Though yeah I am also trying to live my life to the fullest too. Also thanks, i think its completely calmed down at the moment but then again its not been that hot.

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