Malar rash

Malar rash

Hi everyone, I have a diagnosis of CFS/ME. Recently I have had this 'rash/flush' pop up sometimes. Does it look like a malar rash or would you say it's more like rosacea? My CFS doctor thinks it's more malar-like. I'm going to see my GP next week. I have quite a few photos to show of it and also have photos of my Raynaud's fingers. When I look online, I find it hard to distinguish between rosacea and malar rashes. I don't want to appear silly in front of the GP for querying my ME/CFS diagnosis. I don't expect a definitive answer from anyone on here. I know that would be impossible. Just reassurance that I'm not being silly in thinking this could be malar rash. Thank you. Ps sorry for upside down photo. Not sure how to rotate it on here!

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  • I would say it look like lupus rash across the cheeks &nose .I hope you get it sorted at gp .x

  • Thank you for your reply charmaineholmes. This is what I've been thinking.

  • i ihave3kids,

    I too have a diagnosis of me/cfs and also a rash like yours! My Rheumatolgist said that she thought i had an 'easily flushed face' which i thought was a bit odd considering my very high ana result and multiple connective tissue symptoms.

    I hope you get some answers soon as i know how frustrating it is. Im also querying my cfs diagnosis as my symptoms are suddenly changing so dont worry about appearing silly - youre not silly at all. Thank you for putting your photo up. Ive been staring at photos on the internet trying to match them to my face but yours is the closest ive seen.

    I think they can do some sort of scrape test to send to a skin Dr. Def worth asking.

    Best of luck with your appointment. x

    Ps im now being trialed on Hydroxychloroqine for three months to see if it helps. Early days though so no improvement yet.

  • Kate16 Thanks for your reply. Sometimes I do consider it to be just 'flushing'. It's so hard to tell. So you haven't had a diagnosis despite the high ANA and other connected issues too? There's definitely a common link between all of these illnesses anyway. My CFS doctor considers it 'variations on a theme!' I suppose only time will tell. My body seems to reveal things, as and when it likes. It seems that it's just a waiting game. Anyway, I hope you get some answers soon and best of health to you and thanks for taking the time to respond x

  • Hi,

    My gp has given me a tentative diagnosis of Connective Tissue disorder but doesnt know which one yet. Im finding im getting lower back pain, hip pain and knees sometimes too but we're waiting to see what else appears : /

    She has put me on the Hydroxychloroquine in an attempt to halt symptoms in their tracks before they take hold. I hope her theory works!

    'Variations on a theme' is a great way to describe it. I hope you get some answers sooner rather than later.

    Kate x

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