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Swollen ankle

Hello all , how are u doing? I need ur opinion . I had a core decompression surgery on my knee and ankle, a couple of weeks ago. Spent a week in the hospital and 2nd week at home. I have noticed that once i walk around a little or seat down with my legs on the floor my ankle starts getting swollen and hurts. I wake up in d morning and my ankles look normal but once i get and walk around the house( i ve not left my house since i came back 4rm d hospital) both ankles being to swell up. My urine seems clear no foaming so am not sure it is my kidneys. I feel generally unwell, feeling sick my left ribs cage  feels stiff , i have rashes in various parts of my body and the are red and itchy and i have difficulty sleep at night. Pls has anybody had this and ehat did u do.

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It seems to have something to do with circulation - cant your call the surgeon's team and find out what you need to do? They would be best placed to advise if this is normal while you recover or whether there is anything to worry about. 

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Ok thanks will do that.


Welcome to the club I think what your experiencing is that the problem is associated with the knee was their any damage in it are you walking on as flatter ground as possible ie not slanted pavments I walk on the road when I see them otherwise sore ankle also have u purchased a ankle strap buy a good one the correct size for u I'm in same boat ankle pain a bit then my oerated on knee is clunking now and notch not tracking hope this helps but stay away from slanted areas to walk on 


Ok thank u


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