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What's happening at Guy's

Can someone please help me to understand what is happening at the Louise Coote Lupus unit. 

Since the unit has moved to Guy's the appointments are very few and far between, cancelled on a whim , repeat prescriptions taking longer to be prescribed ,doctors leaving, and clinics moving to different departments.

What is happening at Guy's?

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I would suspect the same as is happening in the whole of the rest of the NHS. 

Not enough money and a bullying culture that stretches all the way up to the Minister of Health, naming no names...


I know G Hospital.  It's a very tough place.  Dismissive.  My personal advice is to avoid the hospital if you can.  St Thomas h had a good reputation.  Decent drs abandoned the department after years of humilation and meddling with their clinical practice by their accountants and managers.  Sad.  I agree that "money shortage" hitting hard even the once well-reputed rheumatology depts in London.  Trust nobody, even "professors" whose intentions are compromised by "money" .  I often wondered why Rheumatology is so "inconsistent".  It seems shrewd "professors" whose money pinching skills are good seem to survive in these departments.  Good ones (who could see that patient care is getting poorer and poorer and concerned by it) simply leave frustrated and perhaps saddened.   That's how it looks like.  


This is a time when immune dysfunction cases are increasing & lupus research is gaining significant insights & new treatments are in the important lupus centre is faltering 😨😤 lost for words....GRRRR


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