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Lupus can't stop these party animals ;D

Lupus can't stop these party animals ;D

My daughter Juliet's 1st birthday is coming up fast April 24th.I'm planning a party outside with a ball pen.I invited a lot of parents hoping for at least 20 kids ,pizza and homemade blueberry jello cake.I'm making her cake myself because I love making them they taste sooo good.I use real butter and homesmade fresh whipped cream frosting and I can decorate.It will be a RIO cake from the movie.So brazillian with flowers and I have airbrush ..So excited.I hope the children will have a great time and especially my Juliet.I had to stop myself from getting her anymore gifts.Lets hope for less pain this day so I can keep up.I'm going to get plenty of rest the day before and a 12 sleep.

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Have a wonderful birthday party for your beautiful daughter!

Maybe you can also take some rest during the party just by sitting down in a quiet place?



I also have lupus.  Everyday is different for me. I just have to take it easy.

Like yr self if you can sleep, that's fantastic. !! Try and get as much as you can 2 days before the party hunny.

I know you want everything to go perfectly. , & I'm sure it will go more than perfectly! ! You sound like a amazing mum.! & Julie is a very very lucky little girl!!!!!💗

Well; the cake sounds amazing hunny!!

U must put a picture on here so we can see the out come hunny.

You will have the best day ever. Even if yr not feeling on top of the world. U will have all yr friends and family there and u in yr heart know that u have done the best u can & Julie will be so pleased with everything and to know that yr smiling and that most of all love her to pieces!!!!

Have a great day babe. Enjoy and take it easy hun.

Hope it's a sunny day for u all. 

Sending u warm wishes and big hugs xx

Pippa xx


Good for you Juliets mom! 🎂. Beautiful pic!


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