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I haven't been formally diagnosed with SLE, although it has been suggested. I do have very similar diagnosed health issues (Rheumatoid Arthritis and associated autoimmune stuff, including autonomic neuropathy) so thought you'd be so kind as to help me out with this one. 

My mobility is getting worse and my general health is not good. I just can't do longer journeys any more. Detailed research has found that you can get very lightweight mobility scooters that would fit in my smallish car.

I'm hesitating though. My main issue is that I'm 27 years old but look about 19 on a good day and anxious about what people think. I'm also slightly overweight (although actively trying to lose it!) and I'm worried people will look at me; young looking and a bit fat and think I'm just lazy. People keep saying it doesn't really matter what strangers think but it matters to me.

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  • Hi. I am 47 and also actively looking for a scooter but large one as I have 2 Labrador's and youngest is 2 and I just dont have the energy to walk them like I used to especially up hill. I am looking online and you can get young sporty looking ones. I also have put weight on due to numerous medical issues. If you need the scooter to make your life better then do it I say ha ha.

    Good luck

  • Thanks for your reply and the reassurance, Paula. I'd love to be able to walk my dog again. He's a bit of a mad one on the lead though and I'm worried he'd get caught under the wheels!

  • They get used to it, I used to walk our pug with a scooter, then boxers from my wheelchair.

  • I understand your worries, I'm 60 this year and worry about peoples opinions, false judgements, but if you need one then the people who you know are the only ones that matter and they understand your need for 1. Shop around though, my mum has just bought one. She went into a mobility shop and tried a few out. The one she decided on was £1700, my brother found same one, direct from manufacturer for £999 on eBay. They asked for medical condition for it to be vat free. Hope you get sorted with one


    Not sure where you are allowed to put links on here. 

    I have the same problems with mobility and recently bought a scooter from this company. It's part of the Lloyds Pharmacy group. The prices are quality are really good 

  • I had exactly the same worries when I got mine.  I'm 55 and steroids helped me pile a load of weight on. But after you make that first journey and get some freedome back you'll forget your worries. I have two scooters one of them folds up and able bodied people are so interested in it they stop me to talk about it. I've not had any mast comments at all.

  • Hi crashdoll

    I was reluctant to buy mine in 2013 and I can honestly say it's given me my life back!!! 

    Whether  you live on your own or not it's important not to feel like you're stuck in four walls.  My scooter is the type that goes into the back of my boot and my back seat to make it easier, breaks down into five pieces and comes with two types of battery (mine is very heavy) so be sure to check you can lift it or see about getting a hoist fitted to your boot.   The model is a Pride Go Go elite traveller plus 4 (4 stands for 4 wheels) as you can get 3 wheel versions.  Lots of people I've met love the fact that I let them try it out even if they don't need it ☺and yes you come across a few idiots but I say stuff them as they don't know what it's like when your mobility goes and to be in constant pain.  My advice is to try as many different types as possible it's a shame because if you were near to where I live I would let you test run mine for a day or two. 

    Good luck with your search. 


  • I'm going to Orlando in May and will be renting the go go elite 3 wheeler for my holiday. It's had great reviews, so I'm pleased to hear it's given you your freedom. I'm sure I will feel differently after my holiday when I see how much I can enjoy on wheels.

  • Have a fantastic time in Orlando and let me know how you feel after you tried the scooter and most of all have loads of fun xx

  • I understand that, I used to have a mobility scooter and had the same worries. On the whole, it was a positive thing to have though, I was able to get out and about more.

    I then used a wheelchair, I had a stroke that was mis diagnosed as a massive MS relapse. (There is another story). I was a full time wheelchair user for four years,totally unable to walk and found that oddly peoples 'reactions' to me improved. 

    Now, I'm on crutches or in a wheelchair, but having lost my wheelchair muscles and yet still having poor walking muscles I feel a bit more stuck, and have been thinking of getting another scooter. 

    In hindsight, I shouldn't have allowed what was in reality just a couple of idiot's reactions upset me so much. 

    Good luck with your choice of scooter, just try to make sure that the lightweight one will do the mileage you need. 

    If you do need to defend yourself for being on a scooter, a middle finger usually works. That surprises them. :) 

  • Thank you for the support and kind replies xx

  • Hi, I found myself in the same situation as you. I had a young teenage son who was very sensitive about this and didn't want me to look "old". He had already had teasing at school about me using a walking stick. I bought a Mercury Prism 3 scooter from Drive Medical LTD (trading as Care Co Ltd, look online for website) about four years ago. It was black and purple with black/silver wheels and is still going strong. They still have them on their website for £549, which is what I paid. I would recommend getting the four wheeled version as I fell off mine trying to get up a bumpy hill! It toppled over and I landed in a heap and got the giggles which left people staring. Needless to say nobody helped. Also, these so called light boot scooters are still very heavy. The bigger the battery the heavier they are. So unless you have a muscle man able to help load it into your car then you will need a boot hoist.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi Crashdoll. I doubt you will have negative comments. But if you do tell them they can have the scooter if they take your SLE and RA and the associated pain.

    Enjoy your first trip when you buy one.

  • I'm 28 and rock the mobility scooter look! ;)

    Please feel free to message me privately as I actually do voluntary work with a mobility shop and can advise you on a great wee scooter which is easy to assemble! 

    Don't hold back.... Turn that speed dial from the hare to the tortoise ;) 

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