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Feeling a little better🙃

I just love how this website helps you to communicate and connect with others who have the same thing you have. It's truly amazing to see how many others around the world are being affected by lupus. I don't feel alone anymore. I'm new to the disease but I'm already finding that it makes you feel a little better to talk to others (who can relate) about your symptoms instead of holding them in.

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Like you I have been amazed at just how cheered I have been being able to share my worries, thoughts, and little victories with others on here.

We are all fighting the same battle and somehow being able to share makes it all seem much more normal and bearable.

Glad it is helping you so much too.



I so agree with you. It makes it so much easier to take on board what's going on and how to deal with it. X


Hi! Im a member of both Lupus UK & USA. Your totally right its such a comfort to log on & read posts you could have written yourself. I can honestly say every post I read i can relate to. Sometimes I dont post anything for months but I log on everyday just to catch up on what I have missed! Talking things over with friends & family helps a little but to connect with people who are going through exactly the same daily struggles is amazing & so reassuring. The support is fantastic, great advice & humour too! Somedays its just the wee tonic I need to kick me up the butt & 'try to get on with it'!! You are never alone on here 😊

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It is a wonder to be able to connect around the world particularly with the 'cruel mystery' disease we have.


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