Probably not (!) drug induced lupus

As you can imagine, "probably not" isn't filling me full of confidence but I'm being seen by rheum nurse on Wednesday, so I shall pin her down in person rather than over the phone.

I posted 2 weeks ago that it was suspected I have drug induced lupus from humira. However, it's more likely that I am 'only' reacting to the humira. The last couple of injections have resulted in a tummy covered with little blistery dots and a bulleye rash around the injection site. Unfortunately, there's a good chance that I'll be taken off it anyway. :(

Thank you for the kind and helpful replies on my other thread, much appreciated.

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  • Frustration thy name is Lupus.

    ONLY is the biggest word.

    I do hope you only have a reaction not the whole thing.

    Your contribution is valued whatever the outcome.

    Best wishes to you Crashdoll



  • Very best wishes. Hopefully you won't have lupus in full throttle. Keeping my fingers crossed for you regards Diane

  • Am VVV glad of your update, crashdoll. If only these things could be figured out faster and easier. It's good, though that these investigations are moving along steadily. Am v much feeling for you...remembering how greatly humira has helped you...this risk:benefit balancing is so tough, often. Will be especially thinking of you on weds! Hope you'll update us afterwards. 🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco

  • The balance between treatment affective ness and side effects is a fine one.

    Thinking of you crashdoll. Do let us know


  • Hi crashdoll - I've sort of been in the same boat since December -( but from infliximab ) had the blood test come up positive - have been silently freaking out 😱 but have recently been told it's not drug induced lupus.... I'm still keeping an eye on symptoms as I'm just not sure. very thankful at this stage that I can continue on the infliximab - I just want answers for all the symptoms.

  • I'm sorry you're in the same boat. Do you mind me asking what you're on the infliximab for?

  • I have colitis - I got told the same thing - from the first dr 'in my opinion it's not drug induced lupus but that doesn't mean you don't have lupus ' hmm comforting and then the rheumatologist looked at me and said 'i don't think you have lupus.' it would be wonderful if all the symptoms could come at once so when we go to the dr they can pin point what we have ... Ah wishful thinking 😁

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