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Can't figure out why my skin feels like it's burning.


I'm 39 yrs old and can't pin point the cause of what I have been dealing with and this is do to many conditions I have.

I have lupus,neuropathy,sciatica,rheumatoid arthritis,depression,acid reflex ect..

Recently I've been constantly having skin pain all over my body and face. It feels like it's burning. I also feel like my brain is numb. Another problem I've been having is that I feel a vibration on the left side of my neck and sometimes it extends to the back of my neck. People also keep asking if I'm sick and it's because I have become very pale almost yellow. I'm not anemic and don't have diabetes. I have had my gallbladder removed and had spinal surgery (which relieved some of the sciatica). I've been trying to do my own research but sometimes it leaves me with more questions. I even have problems using the bathroom and have been getting skin sores that give me a difficult time sitting since they are mostly in my lower body. Has anyone been going through anything similar? Is there anything that can help make it feel better?

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The vibration feeling sounds like hypersensitivity due to neuropathy and that's treatable with medication. Not sure about the burning though.

Hi destiny

Sorry your battling so many health problems. You can also have burning as well as other sensations with neuropathy. Your GP can help with treatments for this if your not already on them. Good luck X

Hi......I get burning feet due to neuropathy but I also have. Burning in what I can only describe politely in my undercarriage. Could that be neuropathy ? Both are worse in the evening.

PMRpro in reply to bones-bones

Whilst it too could be due to a neuropathy the most usual cause of burning in the nether regions is an infection of some sort - and if it is fungal then it can affect feet too. Definitely one to pass by a GP at least.

bones-bones in reply to PMRpro

Thank you for your reply. I have been to my GP,had a swab done and it was negative. She also 'couldn't see any reddening 'Gave me Canestan which of course don't make a difference. It's really getting to me now. Feet are definitely peripheral neuropathy.

feet burning, shoes feel several sizes too small? erythromylalgia, [think that's the right spelling] I've had it for a few years. I find standing in tepid water, not cold, helps for a few hours.

Hi Destiny, you poor sole, my heart goes out to you. You have so much going on that its hard to pinpoint what is causing these issues. One thing I would be concerned about is the yellow skin, I think it best to see your GP now whilst you have this appearance that way it will be easier for him/her to diagnose what maybe going on. A lot of Lupus sufferers have the acid reflux, RA and lots more besides, with the acid reflux I presume you are on medication for this, if not you need to get some Omeprazole 40mg otherwise ulcers will form and this will just add to everything else. Is there any medication that you are on for your sores, I would be interested to know.

Take care and keep us posted. See that GP ASAP. Nx

Ps: see if you can private message barnclown she does a lot of research for herself but also helps a lot of sufferers on this site.

Hi Destiny330,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK community on HealthUnlocked. If you'd like a free information pack about lupus then you can apply for one or download one at

It would be a good idea to notify your GP as soon as you can, particularly regarding the possibility of yellow skin.

Can you book an appointment soon? Do you have a rheumatologist?


What drugs are you taking Destiny ?

Have your liver checked

I have times when I have burning and sore skin all over or just on my legs and arms at other times. I have lupus but also Fibromyalgia. Other people with Fibro often complain of sore and burning skin. Mine is often worse at night.

I hope you feel more comfortable soon

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