Hi I've just been wrestling with a bed sheet, already folded by my husband, trying to iron it. Didn't realise it was min iron, not non iron. This is the most ridiculas thing to have. I can put up with not being able to walk more than a few yards but not being able to do the ironing or lift the butter dish into the cupboard really gets to me. I try to buy light weight things but they still feel so heavy after a few miniutes. Sorry but I just needed a little rant. I'll carry on and have go at the pillow cases now.

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There are far worse things than an unironed bed sheet! I used to find they looked not too bad after an electric blanket had been on for a bit!

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Life is too short to spend time ironing sheets (and many other things), even for people who do not have a chronic illness.


I know it's the weakness that really gets to me too I just can't believe it. It there anything that can help restore strength. It's taken 68 years of misdiagnosis and I have EDS & Chari too just to add to my joys!


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