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Back to work, a new year and resolutions

Been back at work long enough after the Xmas break to catch up with most people about Xmas, New Year, and of course resolutions. Okay, so everyone else's is typically, lose weight, stop drinking so much blah blah. Mine?...well, not resolutions as such, but a kind of list of things I want to try this year (1) survive another year, (2) end this year not any worse than I started, (3) try not to get admitted into hospital, (4) try not to end up in A&E, (5) try not to end up in an operating theatre, (6) try not to take so many days off work and hauled before Occy Health, (7) try to stay employed and not medically retired

Right now, (6) is in jeopardy. Hope everyone has had good starts to 2016

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I was medically retired and found it very difficult to cope with leaving a career I loved after 36 years .....two years down the line it was the best thing that ever happened...the stress of not being there worrying about the students progress etc have gone.

I volanteer one day a week ....using my skills and doing the aspect of my job that I loved most

I am better able to manage fatigue and chronic pain

Yes not working was a loss ...I had made my conditions worse by battling on for years just work and quality of life

There is a better way

Gentle hugs


Hi diagnosed2012

Sorry to read you may be having problems with Occupational health at work . Lupus Uk produce good leaflets about work and lupus so if you'd like one an email to Paul Howard will do the trick.

Also Citizens Advice have a good website , giving info and links to other sites that could help. They also have employment advisors who will be able to tell you what your rights are as an ill employee . Anything your not sure of you ask them, will help to minimise your stress. They will ensure you get everything your entitled to. Hope you don't need them and you achieve your new yr resolutions. Good luckX


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