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Hi everyone ive has a horrendous time recently with a massive flare which has had me off work for a month. I'm still having a lot of pain in my neck shoulder and arms but at present my hands are really bad. Typing this is a strain and speaking on the phone not much better as havd to keep changing hands as my arm aches after a couple of minutes. My question to anyone who knows out there is my line manager has suggested maybe cutting down my hours as she is really very supportive and I want to do this but I don't kno if I qualify for any benefits as my wage would reduce with my hours. I've contacted pip and I have the form to complete but I've noticed a lot of posts also claiming ESA. I've contact them and they say I have to he working 16 hours per week or less and no more than £104 per week. My husband is self employed and I really would like to do 4 hrs per day which puts me way above the limit. Is there anything else I can do bearing I'm mind tht i may not get the pip as others have been denied and are appealing. This is making me more stressed as I do not know what to do. I've got critical illness cover but it does not cover lupus as I took out my policy before they added lupus and I made a complaint but they told me I've a disability cover if I become disabled from work. Don't kno how tht works if I chose to work part time. If there is anyone who is able to help me I'd be so grateful as CAB Weren't much help and waste of a phone call to be honest. Im hoping to return to work next week even tho still not so good but I'd like to kno what my options are so I can sit down with my line manager and discuss my options... HELP

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Hi Tre123,

I'm sorry to hear that you have been struggling with a flare and you're having to reduce your hours at work as a result.

To find out what additional financial assistance you might be eligible for, it may be worth your time to complete an independent online benefit calculator. These can tell you what benefits you might be entitled to and how to claim them. You can find some at

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Thanks Paul I will definitely do tht


I used to run a school, and a large business in my youth. over the past 30 years now I find myself working in a Laundromat part time. its seems to be the only thing I can commit to. I am afraid if I ever loose this job (for whatever reason) that I don't know what I will do. not many jobs out there where I can work slowly, and not have too much stress or responsibilities that require a lot of physical input. sometimes I go to hospital for a week, but I have someone to cover for me. not a lot of jobs will do that. the owners know I have medical conditions and look the other way, but I also know that they are very strict in how their employees operate. for that ive never been late or never left early or never left work undone. but am generally afraid that my job options have come to the end of the rope. who will hire me? dishwashing, house cleaning, low paying jobs that seem to have a lot of turn around with employees. im 50, and disability does not pay much. you generally live in poverty on disability. I don't need much money but disability is terrible. the government constantly checks up on you and may audit you. you can also be kicked off disability if you do something wrong. retirement is 15 years away... these are real issues with chronic sufferers of autoimmune diseases. I have one daughter still at home going to school. her father is diseased. I will keep on going, but I will admit, my financial future does not make it easier for me to relax


Hi Marie I found your reply very inspiring and I admire your spirit. I too am struggling just to get the information I need to help me reduce my hours. However my employers are quite understanding at the moment and quite supportive but I feel that I need to help myself by trying to find out what else I can do to help myself and feel that I'm not really getting the information I need!


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