Lab results

Lab results

Hi everyone so yesterday I went for my monthly bloods because of medication, full blood count, kidneys and liver, today the dr receptionist phned to day I need to repeat tests in a week, I had a guess my white blood count was low it always is but sometimes very low so I went to the gps tonite and asked for a print out of my results yes my WBC very low but then I seen this at the bottom of the page, I googled the terms and it means red blood cells are shaped abnormal however all red bloods counts normal which I find worrying, but what's more confusing is normal no action? Was this a mis type?? When obviously it wasn't normal if I have these two conditions

Can anyone shed any light on this

Thank u

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  • It usually means that the abnormality is slight, so at the moment no action is needed but if the next batch is also abnormal, then there will be a note for you to contact the doctor.

    It's a new system of reporting. It keeps track of improvements or worsening of results, which is great. All tests have tolerances at the upper and lower levels, so unless those are exceeded, there will be no action taken. If the trend continues, however, action will be suggested.

  • Hi purple top thank u,I rang drs yesterday she told me that it's most likely to be down to lupus drugs as they affect the bone marrow which I knew they could lower blood cells not change the shape!! At least I have a explanation now she also advised that if I ever get a print out and see words I dnt understand ring a dr not google!! Xx

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