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Gag reflex / vomiting before meals and lupus?

I have some days where I sit down to a meal, having made the meal myself and feeling 100% fine all day, and I take 2 bites and then feel sick and have to rush from the table to vomit. I had a whole string of days like this a few years ago, and thought there might be a lupus connection. They stopped and I decided not to worry about it and now it has started again.

Not sure there is anything I can do about this anyway. But does anyone else struggle with this? Know what might be triggering it?

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Sickness is common. But goto your gp. And they should get the certain things you should be eating. Like your bread etc. If you feel you cant eat adk for 40 sips it has all the nutrition . calcium. And everything else just like a proper meal. Hope you feel better soon


Hello Shannon. Good question. I've been having phases like this for many years. Especially before my infant onset lupus diagnosis was recovered 5 years ago and systemic treatment those tough years this could go on for months, with my appetite greatly decreasing as time passed

I agree with Yvonne that diet can be involved in this, because, after I began on an antiinflammation diet over 10 years ago, my tendency to this has responded quite well to dietary changes....but also I am now on quite a lot of meds (hydroxy + myco + pred + amitrip) which I think are helping me a lot with my chronic upper GI issues. These have all been investigated by gastroenterology and diagnosed, with therapeutic treatment & monitoring plans established

Have you talked to your GP & rheumy about this? Because it sounds as if this has become a pattern, which means you'd definitely be totally justified in bringing it up with your medics. Frankly: I think you should be considered for referral to gastroenterology about this....even if this is just so that your medics can establish a sort of baseline re your particular upper GI function status. so, for the time being, I suggest you start keeping a brief log of these occaisions - try to include something about previous occaisions at the start of this log. This will help a lot when you see your medics. Have you been diagnosed with Sicca or sjogrens? These definitely affect GI tract probs

Hope you'll let us know how you get on 🍀🌻 xo coco

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PS when you see your GP, might also be worth asking when your thyroid was last checked. Have you ever shown any signs of hypothyroidism?


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