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Feeling horrible

I woke up early hours of Sunday morning with cramp like pain in bottom of my heel but only when i put my foot down to stand I walked round abit to see if it would ease but no, I got back in to bed pain went up leg abit then disappeared i went to sleep. Got up 2 hours later same thing happened weird I do remember having pins and needles in my foot the night before but thats not unusual, had trouble walking rest of the day. Next morning and still today the pain is in my calf my stomach was also very upset sat and sun sorry this is long winded just had to get it of my chest.

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Julie I suggest you go to the gp. Could be the beginning of restless leg, which isn't as benign as it sounds, or we tend o get circulation problems too. Keep an eye on the colour of you foot and is to hot or cold when this happens. Best to right it down and let the gp know.


Hi Johare

I have had rls for 5 years so dont think it is that am going to the hospital tomorrow so will run it passed them thanks for your reply.


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