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Why am I hungry all the time?

For some reason I am hungry all the time. I am not overweight or anything and I get plenty of exercise and I sleep 8 hours a day.

I get lots of vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and stuff and absolutely no added sugars. For breakfast I have Skyr (the Icelandic version of Greek yogurt) with almonds, raw cacao nips and berries, and some muesli that I made myself. Then I also have a cup of green tea and a cup of lemon juice that I squeezed myself.

To school I bring tomatoes, an apple, a bell pepper, some carrots and usually rice with beans on top and I drink plenty of water (at school I usually drink two 1 liter bottles).

But yet somehow I am always hungry and I don't get why. I have read on the internet for reasons I might be hungry, but I can relate to none of them, so I just don't get why I am hungry all the time. I care much about my health, so I don't want to eat too much, though I don't want to starve myself.

In the weekend it's the opposite, it's almost as if I am too full. Like, I want to get my daily dose of vegetables to stay healthy, but I can't because I am just so full, and you should't eat when you're not hungry.

This is getting kind of annoying, so can someone please tell me what the hell is wrong with me?

- Yours Truly

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I'm not sure there is anything wrong with you at all. If you're hungry, it's okay to eat. If you're not hungry, then you don't need to. I assume from your diet listing that you're vegetarian? At the sake of sounding like the voice of doom and intolerance, perhaps your body is telling you you're missing some nutrients, and therefore your body might be telling you to eat to try and get them, so maybe it's worth doing a bit of a look in on that, and it also might be due to school stress. I'm starting uni again soon and one of the first things I'm doing right now is making sure I will get good meals in during the day, as my problem is I never eat, and sometimes will actually be on the verge of fainting before I realise I've not eaten food that day.

If your body doesn't need to eat, then I wouldn't worry about hitting a 'five-a-day' target on weekends, either. Bodies don't fit into convenient boxes of wants and recommendations, and everyone is different.

I wish you luck!


Thanks for the reply! To your information, I am not a vegetarian, I just forget to eat meat so often.

I know that it is okay to be hungry, but my problem is just that even when I eat, I continue to be hungry, but now that you mention it, it might be because of school stress.

I will look into that.

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If you aren't vegetarian and forget to eat meat (or other protein sources) then a lack of protein might also be triggering the need to eat as well. And I feel you, I'm terrible about eating food, it's an effort and I tend to go for convenience if I'm really tired, so it will take planning for me to stay on top of my diet and not just eat Cheetos.

Good luck!

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Thanks, and good luck to you on getting the energy to making food!

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Being hungry all the time can be a sign of overactive thyroid and some times diabetes especially if you are eating a lot an not putting on weight


Yeah, but I had my blood testet not too long ago and there were no abnormalities


It seems to me that your diet is lacking in protein and possibly healthy fats and electrolytes. Try adding these in and see if your constant hunger subsides.


Are you on prednisone? That can lead to increased hunger and weight gain.


I am not on any medication at all, and I can't find any reason why I am hungry, that's why I find it wierd


Are you relaxed when you eat or do you eat on the trot? I find if I eat when I am not relaxed, I can feel hungry again so soon which I feel could be I don't absorb the nutrients so well, if I am not relaxed.

It could be that you have a very active life and need more nutrients, I don't know, but it would explain why you feel more full at the weekend, when I assume you are more relaxed and not timed to a particular routine so much.

It sounds like you are quite healthy, eat well, get good exercise and sleep well, so unless you feel unwell, don't worry about it.


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