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Research looking at experiences of partners of those with chronic pain

Hi all,

My name is Laura Smith and I am a trainee clinical psychologist. I’m conducting some research as part of my thesis and was hoping you could help. I’m looking at the experiences of partners of somebody with chronic pain.

So why do the research? We know that partners play a hugely influential role in supporting somebody with chronic pain and that partners can influence how well somebody with chronic pain copes. It would be beneficial therefore to understand partner’s experiences of chronic pain so that services can help support partners and help partners support the person with chronic pain.

I’m interested – what next? If you are a partner of somebody with chronic pain and you live together, you can click on the link below for more information. If you’re happy to take part then contact me on the details below and we can arrange to meet up for an interview. It will last approximately an hour although we can take as little or as much time as you like.

If you are somebody who experiences chronic pain and you think you know someone who would be interested in taking part, then please do pass this information on to them and they can contact me on the details provided.

You can follow me on twitter (@smith_smithl4)

More info can be found here: lancaster.ac.uk/shm/stu...

Laura Smith

Telephone/Text: Number 07508375651

Email: Lsmith4@lancaster.ac.uk

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The link doesn't appear to work?

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Link doesn't work.


Sorry guys. Try this link lancaster.ac.uk/shm/study/d...


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