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I don't have a diagnosis of SLE but I've had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 6 years. I've waiting to get a second opinion re: Lupus diagnosis.

Anyway, my eyes are very swollen and have been for about 9 months or so. I do have inflammatory eye disease but it's in remission. Apart from scarring left on the corneas which can only be treated surgically, (no thanks!) it's totally under control and I've been discharged from the ophthalmologist with an open referral if I am concerned again. I saw my optician who is very experienced in usual eye problems and she gave me eye drops but couldn't really shed any light. I'm not concerned enough to ask to be re-referred to the hospital but I am frustrated because my eyes ache. It also makes me look like I've been walloped in my face and people are commenting! I've tried every eye drop on the market to no avail.

Has anyone had similar and if so, what was causing it? Thanks in advance.

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  • My daughter gets swollen eyelids, is this what you mean or is it the actual eyeball? I always think she's been crying! When hers are swollen it's something to do with what she's eaten. One of her diagnosis this last year is coeliac disease.

    We've discovered there are many auto immune diseases that overlap each other and share many traits, so it can be very confusing as to what can be causing a particular problem.

    I've diagnosis of lupus sle, RA, sjogrens (+others) sjogrens is the one for me causing problems with my eyes. Nothing swells buts my lids get very sore and the eyeball feels dry and gritty I use viscotears which is a gel, slightly thicker than eye drops.

    Don't know if this is much help I'm afraid, it's frustrating when you're waiting for answers I hope you find one soon as well as getting some relieve as I'm sure your eyes must feel sore. 💐

  • I too have this and like you would like to know what is causing it. The only thing I have diagnosed is APS, although I have experienced everything on this forum except for positive blood tests. Lets hope someone can shed a light.

  • My eye lids have been swollen for nearly two years but I don't know if it is from Lupus or the medication.

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