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Hi, I have had lupus for 23 years since I was 17 years old and fibromyalgia for 21 years, underactive thyroid for 2 years, I also have raynaulds.

I have been working for the pass 20 years in a big organisation and over the last year my fatigue as been getting worse, I work shifts including nights but I can no longer do this. I have been trying to get a day job with the organisation I'm with but have not been successful yet!

The other option is that I go out on ill health and get pensioned out, as anyone had to go through this ? And do you know if I will be entitled to any benefits ? I'm already on DLA.

This as already been a stressful 7 months any way because I lost my dad to cancer at the end of October.

Now I really don't know what I should do ?

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I was finished at work through ill health and receive a pension. Benefits depend on how much pension you receive, or does for me as single person. I don't know if you're a couple but welfare rights may be worth visiting for advice. I receive contribution based benefits so am not entitled to free prescriptions, dentist etc. Is there a human resources officer where you work that can help you get daytime work due to your illness? Good luck, hope you get some help so that you make the correct decision for yourself. Sorry about your dad, I lost mine at the start of illness 7 yrs ago, it's not easy. Take care


Hi Loober

So sorry to read of your health problems and loss of your Dad. A really tough time for you!. You say you work for a big organisation, i wonder if they have an occupational health department that could help you. Strictly speaking they should be able to find you work that you can do as you have rights as a disabled long term employee!.

Before you take the big step of leaving work I would advise like your previous respondent to go to the Citizens Advice Bureau who will be able to help you deal with your employer. Also they will run a benefits check to see what help you could get and help you claim. It will help you make such an important decision and hopefully minimise the stress!. Good luck and look after yourself.x


Hi Loober I worked for a very large organisation until March this year when I took ill health early retirement. I approached them about it first by speaking to Occ Health.


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