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Feeling fed up

I am exhausted at the moment and getting really frustrated and fed up 😞. I feel as though I have nothing to complain about as my lupus is mild compared to many people on here.

Yesterday I was told that I didn't look with it. I took the day off sick and spent the morning asleep but don't feel any better for it. I have taken today off sick as well so that I can sleep again and hopefully feel better tomorrow. I have a very understanding employer but I feel bad and end up thinking of all the things I should be doing and end up going back too soon. It doesn't help that I don't have anymore sick leave left for this year and can't afford not to be paid.

I know I should listen to my body and be kind to myself but it doesn't come naturally! I just feel like a fraud.

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I can relate to your post as my health conditions have been active for 3 yrs & changed me fr being highly active to not hardly active. Exhaustion/fatigue plays a big part of it. Although it's not ideal, if you need to stay in your job & be absent due to health, can you not take it as holiday leave? This has to be booked in advance so Can you arrange a meeting with your boss to discuss your concerns esp about sick leave. What are your options? Hope this helps. Don't feel guilty for taking the time off. If you're not well at work, you probably wouldn't be productive anyway. Your health needs to come 1st. Go to your GP for further advice. Focus on your current state not work cos' you can't change work biz whilst your unwell. Feeling guilty just makes you feel bad but doesn't change anything.


Snap! Check with your occupational health as Lupus comes under the disability act and so they cannot track sick leave in the same way. I am with a company who run a 3 times off and you get a disciplinary. I have had this taken off my record re the act. I got a letter from my Dr which is logged in my file describing my symptoms and issues. Although like you I keep getting told I have 'mild lupus' when I just cant function due to the fatigue this really doesn't help. So worth while looking into. I now know I can take sick leave , when I really need it of course, but get full pay and no questions asked. Good luck x

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Brilliant post Bexs. All the info needed. Well done



Thanks, No probs Footygirl, hope it all goes well 😀


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