Detox water to help lupus or other immune system

Detox water to help lupus or other immune system

Guys. I have been drinking this since Monday. Thought I would give it a go as my lupus have gone worse. Would try anything now to get it better or help in anyway. It have helped with the tiredness as well and I've had more energy so hopefully this will keep on helping with my lupus. Thought I would share. Give it a go guys. I set mine in the fridge over night in a water bottle to take to work.

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  • Hi blonde22 its worth giving anything a try to ease our symptoms please will you lets us know how you find this drink, after a week or two. Very hopeful it will do some good.

  • Yes of course I will. There are other healthy detox drinks to try. I did also try the fruit one but that didn't give me as much energy. I will keep you all updated

  • Hi, I did drink this drink for detoxify, there is the one: cucumber, lemon, ginger, mint mixing in water and sit in refrigerator at least for 4 hours or overnight. Then drink in the morning or through out the day. I did that for 6 months...It's refreshing, detox and energized. Lupus people need more water due to inflammation, joint pain & dry skin, even if you don't drink the mix, water and liquid always good source of detoxing itself.

    Beside, when do this we may want to stay away from caffeine, alcohol, spicy, fried foods and sugar, but eat more vegetables for digesting & help detoxification better.

    I do this every once in awhile, specially in Summer.

    Let give it a try...Thank you Blondie for suggestion.

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