Hi all just had more blood taken from me today, it's strange to think I want them to find something but On the other hand I don't and hope it's all in my head , I need to find out why I feel the way I do ., reading all the post and reading info sent from lupus UK I know it's Lupus . I feel fighten of the future can anyone tell me how long it normally takes to Been given a final diagnose and some meds to help.

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  • Unfortunately the time taken for diagnosis can vary dramatically. For some people it can be matter or weeks, for others a number of years. Normally when lupus is suspected as a possible diagnosis and answer is reached quicker. For those that takes years to get a diagnosis the biggest problem tends to be that the doctors don't think of lupus at the start.

    You'll need to wait and find out what your blood results are. If they are positive then there is a good chance they may start you on some treatment straight away. If not, they may want to repeat the tests, or examine alternative diagnoses first. Hopefully you will be given some answers soon. Keep us updated.

  • Thank you for answering my question I will update you cheers x

  • Hi Jojo. Not to discourage you but I have had symptoms for over 20 years, severe leukopenia, pleurisy, joint pain and fever. The all seem to get worse after viral illness. Then I had times when I felt great. In 2007 after a viral illness I had joint pain in ankles and feet so bad I could hardly walk for a year. I had a rheumatology work up and the only lab was abnormal was low vitamin D. This year I started having a rash on my face and neck. I am a nurse in an OB clinic so one of the NPs here ordered labs. My ANA was positive with elevated RNP antibodies. I went to a different Rheumatologist this time as our insurance has changed in the USA and he diagnosed me with Lupus. I was shocked as no one had ever even looked at that possibility before. And relieved because I didn't understand why I was fatigued all these years with no stamina. I think you're ahead of the game because lupus is suspected. I am working hard trying to keep myself healthy, as I know that viruses cause me to flare. I wish you the best of luck with everything.

  • Thank you for replying it means a lot to me

  • Hi Jo. I went to have blood tests to purely test me for arthritis. One blood came back low the other high. They didn't know why it was so high. I got referred to a rheumatologist where they done the lupus test. Took around 6 months to diagnose me. Hopefully it will come back clear. My fingers are crossed for you. But if you do have lupus. We are all here to help and support you with any questions about lupus or anything eles you may need advise on. I have posted a few posts about my lupus. And the support here is amazing. Best of luck

  • thank you for your reply wow 6mths. After reading all the info sent from lupus Uk I will be surprised if it is not Lupus as I have been tested for everything under the sun over many years the last label was fribo... A few years ago but now I have the rash and on second lot of blood test and doc sending me somewhere for the face rash with the question of lupus.

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