Vit D treatment with oral drops?

Following on from anjo's great thread re vit D:

My lupus UK local group has recently published our spring newsletter. In it there is a piece from the feb 2015 Arthritis Digest: winter lupus flares associated with low vitamin D levels - new findings. The piece briefly discusses the findings of a recent summer/winter trial. There were several revealing results (all listed apparently in Clinical & Experimental Rheumatology), but the result that most interests me is that the people supplemented with oral drops of vit D rather than tablets had significantly higher levels of vit D.

Am wondering, has anyone on forum received vit D treatment with oral drops?

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  • Ooooh, that's very interesting! Can the drops be found over the counter, do you know?

  • in the 'old days' didn't people gulp down big spoons full of yucky tasting fish oil? I think bottled fish oil has always been sold OTC...but the taste led to the development of capsules

    Now I'm wondering: is there now a pharmaceutical grade version of vit D for oral administration of specific dosages? This article about this trial tempts me to suspect there may be....and maybe this doesn't taste quite so yucky. We'll see if anyone on forum knows....

    Of course, next I could hunt down the actual report....which must include such details

  • Hi barnclown, I had very low levels of vitamin D and was started on capsules and could not believe the difference they made. The fatigue improved as did the joint and muscle pains and I haven't had a flare up since starting them, it's a tiny blue capsule with no taste whatsoever 😎

  • Good news: am happy for you too!

    Yes, me too: have been on 6000 iu vit D gel caps daily for several years now, prescribed by my pain consultant originally & approved by rheumatology. my vit D levels test ok too. And I get no bad taste

    But I have other issues, and if oral drops of pharmaceutical vit D have actually been found more effective than capsuls, then I'm v interested in learning more about oral drops..but looks like there is no on here on forum bring prescribed drops

    Thanks for your reply

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