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Do I ask for reference

Hi everyone. I have been treated by nurses at my doctors for leg infections for a year but we are still a square 1 with my left leg. Is leaking green fluid was referred last year to vascular clinic. Where specialist diagnosed ulsers I had to have compression bandages applied which failed now I have support stocking I have had many antibiotics would you advise me to bypass nurses and ask doctors advice nurses very good but they seem to don't know where to go next with me any advice would be appreaceated

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It's hard to answer this as ulcer treatment is quite difficult to assess without seeing it. It depends how long you have been treated. The main treatment for varicose ulcers is compression but you say it failed. Although support stockings are compression. Ulcers are often colonised by bacteria and changing the primary dressing between antibacterial dressings help. For example honey to silver or iodine. But dressings only help the body in its healing process.

It is normal for ulcers that are not healing to be referred to a tissue viability nurse/specialist.

As far as I'm concerned if it's not healing specialist knowledge is needed again but that that's not usually a GP, they will however refer you on or your nurse can.

It all depends on your nurses experience and your ulcers. It may be your underlying condition causing the problem which needs better treatment. There are so many possibilities. Unfortunately ulcers can take months to heal.


Thank you for your reply I do see a tishoo viability nurse but I don't see her very oftenseen her about 3 times last yeare


Have had mine for 10 months. Had 6 now have 2. Feel like I've been sent to hell. But slowly mending.

Ask your gp to see a vascular surgeon. They may be able to say if they can cut them out and graft your skin

If not ask to see tissue viability nurses who know how to deal with ulcers

Manuka medicated honey, prontosam gel, aquacel , aquagel, meiptel dressing, dermol antibacterial. Compression bandages

Are to name few dressings and treatments that they might use


If you have got any worries at all just make your appointment with a Dr or attend A&E .

Its your health , by all means ask the nurse if you are there because she can fast track you an appointment.


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