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I dread going to bed at night.Being tired I settle down to sleep,feel really comfortable then the twitching commences,restless legs,burning thighs,agitation all over.

In the end I have to get up,walk around, sometimes have a small snack then go back to bed and eventually drop off to sleep,usually after 1 am.

I am on Quinoric 400 mg daily and Prednisilone 10 mg reducing by 1 mg monthly until I get down to 5 mg as a maintenance dose.

I feel for every one unable to get off to sleep.

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My mum has the same, she's been diagnosed with «restless legs syndrome» based on her blood test. With Alzheimer treatment she does better, but not always. It's very painful for the family to see her walking the house all night long unable to lie down. Not coffee, tea, alcohol, spicy and sugar should help, but also in her case yo keep very regular times to go to bed, it seems helping. For me, homeopathy has worked amazingly, and I think also for her, but she didn't keep it regular homeopathic treatment, she didn't appreciate the results, but the family around did see some improvements. I hope it helps. Good luck and courage.


Thanks for your reply,I will try anything.I don'tdrink coffee or tea after 4pm,and only have a very small sherry about 6pm. Can'tgive everything up!!


See my post on Restless Leg Syndrome above!!!


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