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Headache and speech problems

Just wondered if anyone has had similar symptoms to the ones I'm currently experiencing? I started with a headache about 7 weeks ago which I woke up with one morning. It went away then came back and I've had it constantly for 4 weeks. It seems to originate from the base of my skull and up the left side of my head. A couple of days ago I noticed it felt weird on the left side of my mouth when eating, sort of clumsy. I've now developed speech problems which is really embarrassing and scary! I've seen my GP 3 times and I've now been referred for an MRI. I have lupus and APS (my INR is within range so there doesn't seem to be a risk of blood clot or bleed).

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Hi Sally,

I suffer head pains (rather than typical headaches), neck pain, from the base of skull, often with all over skull tingling, also fluctuating speech slowness, feels slurry but told doesn't sound very slurry.

Currently diagnosed with CFS/ME (though specialist said alot symptoms over and above), Fibromyalgia, micro pituitary adenoma, atrophy thyroid, severe light allergy, dashing, soft clavical swelling, c spine arthritis... crazy eh!

I have alot of symptoms that apparently relate to Lupus so I am going to see a Specialist soon (get checked out and hopefully defined yes or no).



Thanks for replying at least I'm not on my own with this!!!!! Ended up in A&E last night as my speech got worse, they did a CT scan but it didn't show anything up, I am hoping the MRI I'm having on Tues will provide answers. Feel so embarrassed with the dodgy speech!


Sounds like migraine, particularly the fact that it is on one side only and you get the slight tingling/'funny' feeling around your mouth. I get this too, sometimes the entire side of the face feels weird. Mine goes away, usually after about 3 months, I'm sorry to say.

The cause of the migraine, however, I'm still not sure about in my case. It can be vasculitis and not appear on the MRI (although it would show in the spinal fluid if you have a lumbar puncture). And I don't have photosensitivity during the attacks, so not the usual migraine either.

Good luck with the investigations.


It's definitely not migraine and I don't have any tingling or funny feeling around my mouth. I've managed to identify the 'clumsy' feeling in my mouth is because the muscles in my tongue don't seem to be working on the left side (although I don't have any numbness, as I keep finding out when I bite my tongue)! My speech sounds really strange, just hoping whatever it is can be fixed!


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