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Is it a flare up?

Hi all, so last week went 2 the docs with sore ears and throat gave me anti bodic. But over this weekend I've just been getting worse sore all over even 2 touch heads busting sore eyes and sleeping a lot this is on top of my sore ears and throat. Really don't no if am coming or going feel like I've been hit hard by a stick , can't shack it at all. Back in bed now after a few hours out of bed, haven't had the energy even 2 get changed all weekend. Does this sound like a flare of my lupus? Had bloods taken last week one has come back which is my blood count and there worried about my iron so more done on fri back on Monday along with the test 4 my lupus they check!!


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Hi Ruth,

Indeed! it sounds like you may be Flaring up with Your Lupus... For the past couple of Months Ive also experienced symptoms similar to yours... and my Doctor has informed me that I am indeed in the Flare up mode..

I was put back onto my Prednisolne and slowly have begun to feel somewhat better... .. May I suggest that you keep returning to the Doctors until you have this episode sorted..

Good Luck and Take Care...




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