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Burning/ hotness in legs & thighs and slightly drunk feeling?

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Does anyone else feel a weird sensation descend, starting erg fast beating heart, burning legs (hot to touch, not painful) dizziness and slight shakes? Kind of weak, like feeling a bit drunk?

It's really common for me, maybe 2 times a week? I have no idea what it is but it's very unpleasant and a bit scary! Xx

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Hi Kalmillar,

I, do experience, my heart racing and thumping not a nice feeling and I do agree it is, scary.

I have an appt. with my Rheumy on Friday so I will definitely mention this to him as well as some other symptoms I have been experiencing.

My advice to you, please see your GP.

Please let me know how you get on.

Universal blessings

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kittyIM in reply to Powerhouse

Hi Powerhouse,

Please let me know what your doctor says, I'd be very interested to know.

I've had further blood tests done this week, so I'm hoping to speak to a doctor next week. Thanks for sharing, xx

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Powerhouse in reply to kittyIM

Hi Kalmillar,

Just arrived home from my appt.

I saw a different person this time, all I can say is what a terrible human being.

I explained, what was happening with me, showed my list of my symptoms, she didn't even look at it just left it on the table.

She asked me to raise my arms above my head, which I did ( painful) she said that's good,

I kept trying tell her how bad I was feeling, she, just wasn't interested.

I started to cry, she asked why I was crying. I told her this body doesn't belong to me anymore. I am struggling, the joint pain, memory loss, etc

Has driven me to the edge. I can't cope. Her reply well your here.

She prescribed prednisolone and sulfasalazine. Stated that I can continue taking the other medication, prescribed by my GP .

Which is naproxen, lansoprazole and co-codamol.

She said an appt for 2-3 weeks time will be sent to me.

Bloods done, 2 more bloods to be done ( 30th January & 13th February )

All I wanted was for her to listen to me. Just as well my friend came with me to offer support. I was besides myself all I could do was cry.

If the pain doesn't ease off I will go to hospital

Universal blessings

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Powerhouse in reply to Powerhouse

Hi Kalmillar ,

I forgot to mention that she said all my symptoms are due to me catching the cold/ flu

Universal blessing

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achydunlin in reply to Powerhouse

cold/flu? really.. I wonder about these doctors I really do. Would they like to be treated like that. I wonder what they'd think if someone treated a member of their family with so little care and compassion. Awful.

I often have feelings of drunkenness. In fact a friend of mine asked if I'd been drinking the other day! I'd been in a shop where it was very hot and the lights hurt my eyes and went straight to her house. I had to sit down and was slurring my words. I did feel drunk (but wasn't). I get it a few times a week.

No, it's not normal.

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kittyIM in reply to achydunlin

Hi! Yea the drunk thing is very odd, any idea what causes it? Mentally I feel competent, maybe a bit slow & slur words, but physically I feel warm and fuzzy, light headed and weak...drunk really!

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kittyIM in reply to Powerhouse

I'm so sorry, sounds like a really terrible day. You deserve much better treatment than that! I hope you don't see her again.

I was bullied into CBT and told nothing is wrong with me, I just need 'light recreation' and even told I was imagining things. Turns out I have an unusual type of migraine with aura and Endometriosis that requires surgery. (Lupus is still being investigated). I was also left on medication that increased my stroke risk significantly, all because of doctors that failed to listen, to look at the bigger picture and their inability to feel an ounce of human compassion. There are some fantastic doctors out there, and some that are indifferent, cruel and lack any sign of warmth, kindness or humanity. I hope from now on you only see the great doctors.

Thanks for letting me know, I hope you feel better soon! K xx

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I have not been diagnosed with lupus but have many symptoms and yes I have burning below the knees and I do get dizzy

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kittyIM in reply to onamission

Same as me! I hope you are feeling better, thanks for sharing x

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Hello! I was diagnosed with subacute cutaneous lupus (SCLE) in November 2013 and I was in quite a bad flare up then - I had a headache a lot, felt sick most of the time, was gagging eating my teeth etc, had lost my appetite and felt slightly spaced out and dizzy most of the time. I was exhausted but having trouble slept g through the night. I was struggling to keep going all round - 3 kids and a part time job etc. Once the meds kicked in these particular symptoms slowly went away - over a 2-3 month period maybe. I have recently had a few of these symptoms again but am very tired. I am sure tiredness doesn't help me with all lupus symptoms. As for the legs, i had 3 days of this in August last year. Hot, burning sensation - hot flushes I called them and I did post on here. I hadn't had them before and I haven't had them since. But my lupus symptoms have been so varied. I had a form of tendonitis last year that lasted just over 4 months. Do you think you are flaring? Are your meds working? Not sure if this will help you or not but I wish you well. Wendy

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kittyIM in reply to Wendy39

Hi Wendy, thanks for sharing. It sounds similar to my experience. I'm still waiting on blood tests to diagnose after a positive ANA, so I'm still just trying to get my head around all these symptoms.

Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it! xx

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Hi Wendy39 i feel the same as you? could i ask what meds your on please? x

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Wendy39 in reply to LillyAlfie

Hello! I started hydroxychloroquine on the day of my diagnosis, 18th November 2013. 200mg x twice per day. Some symptoms seem to be getting better within a month but others took a lot longer - like 12 months later. I am also on an iron supplement which has helped hugely and I have another med for my headaches/migraine/cluster migraine. I hope this helps you. Good luck. Wendy

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