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Wipe spots of blood after a wii

I dnt know if this should worry me but saturday night i went to have i wii and when i wiped myself i saw blood stain , i wiped again to make sure i was not hallucinating and d blood stain was still but after a couple of wipe it was gone. So i put a pant liner just incase it was my period but it would be too early for my period to come i kept checking d liner to see if it was my period but nothing showed. But this morning after using the loo a wipe blood again. It is not a heavy but spot and i would feel sore if i had a cut under there. I dnt knw if i should worry my next appointment is in 3weeks but my consultant said i could come and see him this wensday if my knees get worse. My knees are not at its best though but i might be able to manage till nxt week. I just abit concerned about the blood. Should i observe it more and see if the resolves on its own or just go and tell my dr about it. This my be a stupid question to ask but smtimes i feel the dr get tired of me (i must say i have the best dr ever). Because i too get tired of having new symptoms. Should i worry or give it time? Just incase u might ask am i sure am not pregnant i will there is no chance because i have not been sexually active for the past 3years.

thanks all.


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I have had that..UTI....hopefully that is all it is. I was also passing a lot of blood years ago and a lot of pain,p...believe I was passing a stone. Gave me antiobiotics for UTI. Tell your dr when u see them....


i have the same but docs found it by a water sample felt unwell for few days so sample sent off in meantime on antibiotics it is possibly a water infection DONT LEAVE IT

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Forgive me if I mention the obvious (if felt obvious). Its hard to know sometime if specs blood comes from front or rear. Possibly bleeding haemorrhoid s? or as said, urine infection?

From your post your not post menopause (can be worrying then too).

Pop to your gp & get a urine test.



Thanks dear i have an appointment 2mro with my consultant.


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