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Contraception, APS & Lupus

Morning all! Posting this in Hughes and Lupus forums so apologies if you see it twice!

Just had an amazingly helpful appointment with the only GP in my practise who has an interest in autoimmune issues. We discussed my contraception options and given my issues with the copper coil (severe cramping, menhorragia, faintness etc.), she is now going to talk to my consultant about trying me on the Mirena coil instead.

I wanted to see if anyone else has had one and whether you noticed an improvement in your symptoms or whether it turned out to be completely incompatible with your Hughes/Lupus.

She thinks the faint spells are more likely down to my stupidly low blood pressure rather than anything else.

All feedback welcomed :)

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I have had the mirena coil in the past and it was great for me. I did have breakthrough spotting for about 6 months after that I had a one day period every 6 months. It had no effect on my lupus, ckd or graves symptoms. I had to have mine replaced every 3 years instead of 5 though as I started contracting to expel it. The doctor said it was probably due to the hormonal release no longer being effective and it is very rare for that to happen. I would definately give it a go I have low bp aswell and other contraceptives made it worse, but Iit was fine with the coil.

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