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Advise with meds please

Hello all, I have recently been diagnosed with SLE, and am due an appointment with a specialist. Before I fry my brain with Google! I was hoping I could get some guidance as to which meds to avoid etc and which are the better. so I have a better understanding when I am at my appointment, plus any other tips or advise would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

As just now feeling a bit like a rabbit in the headlights!!

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Hi I have serve sle.

If yours is mild then hydrochoquine (can't think of the spelling) should work. But can't really say on medication as all different types work for different people and can benefit from them. There was two drugs I didn't want to go on but am now on one and I seem to be ok with it. If you look things up on the internet don't overload yourself it does not help.

Make sure you always tell your doctor all symptoms you have and how you feel because there are no two people with the same lupus. All got same disease but we all have different symptoms and problems.

Hope you get on ok at the doctors


In terms of medication, I would go in with an open mind and let the doctor prescribe what they think is must appropriate. There are so many different symptoms to this condition, and nearly as many different drugs to treat them so try not to get too hung up about it. Some may suit some people and some won't, I think they'd always a bit of trial and error involved.

But this is a really good place to come with any questions or concerns and the Lupus uk website has lots of very helpful info and advice. Xx


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