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Low Grade Fever just won't shift

Had a low grade fever when I had my chest inflammation, my GP ran some tests and prescribed antibiotics, but I still have felt really rough and sure enough, I still have w fever around 37.9. Tbh I can't even tell where the line of "just deal with it " and "why are you suffering??" is anymore - is a persistent fever something they can even do anything about other than tell me to take paracetamol? I'm going in for my pre-treatment screening tomorrow, hoping I gt cleared for anti-TNF treatment but heard they won't give them if you have an infection/ fever. That would be the pinnacle of irony if treatment means I won't have a fever anymore, but they can't treat me till the fever's gone! Anyway, no idea what to do. Thowts welcome.

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True they won't give if you are unwell.

Any anti tnf treatment makes you more susceptible to chest infections which is also why TB test is run before any treatment given.

Wish you luck


Had my tests and screens done. And it seems I'm ok'ed for golimumab. Never heard of it before but right now I'd chew on a dead frog if it offered a chance! Fingers crossed as I'm to start injections within 3 weeks.


Hi Silvergit, that's sounds great then.wish you well with the jabs and hope it all goes fine and gives you the much needed relief.


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