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Could it be Lupus?

Hi not been on here for a while.

I was off work back in May for 3 weeks with Musculoskeletal disorder in my upper back. Since August I've had chest pains (mainly right side) and have now developed a muscle spasms in the top of my right arm.

I due to see a GP at 3.30pm today.

I've had neck stiffness for over a yr now but not said anything to GP as I thought it was just me.

Any advice for talking to GP would be much appreciated.



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Sorry that's ment to say 3 months not 3 weeks.

Jo x


Hi Jo

You need to talk to your GP about those chest pains. Good thing you have an appointment and best of luck.,X


Hi you need to tell your doctors about all the pains and symptoms your having even the ones that seem insignificant tell them about tiredness fatigue eye probes the lot hope all goes well g


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