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When u thinking is time to move on

Hi all sorry i have been absent for awhile. I have had lupus since 2011 had a breakdown in 2012 after the birth of my son ever since i ve7 not been able to go back to work. Some times i feel am much better and i can work then much sooner i have that feeling i get stuck in bed with blinding headache , a bad knee very sore fingers . I went to do some finger print 4 my passport yesterday and my prints cld not be read, d soreness of my finger have practically made them unreadable. So hw can i travel , it means i will have to carry a dr letter wherever i go. I really want to go back to work. I have a 2year old and am financially dependent on my mum. She tells me not to upset myself thinking about finance but how cam i not think about it. God pls i dnt mean to be ungratful but i need to be financially useful even if it is £50 a month i will be happy dat i earned it. I know my body is not strong enough to go into the 9-5 routine but i need to try. I applied 4 nhs proffessional and they said i was unsuccessful because i need to ve been working in d admin department 4 d past 3 years. How can dat be possible with lupus strapped to my waist. I just want to function as normal , to be able to tell people i ve gone back to work. It is sad to c my younger cousins have jobs and me here always ill . Seating in front of d tv watching all the quiz shows. So sorry 4 d long eassy. I cant even hear properly now my steriods are effecting me badly. Thanks for listerning God bless

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Hi Ijeaslike

It is so hard wanting to be normal with a cruel illness like Lupus.

I know earning your own money is important but if your too ill to work have you contacted the Citizens Advice Bureau?. They will run a benefits check to see what help you could be entitled to and help you fill in the forms.

It could be a way for you to be financially independent from your Mum which could be good and you could then volunteer a morning a week to see how you'd cope with your health. This could then give you confidence to try for a job if it goes well and you can cope with more days. Just a few ideas that I hope could help?. Take CareX


Thank you so much


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